Legends Help Shine Light on Homelessness in Collin County

By Britney Wynn | January 30, 2018

Host ‘Collin County Mobility Collaborative’ Charity Night Together with Toyota on Feb. 2

FRISCO, TX (Jan. 30, 2018) – Against the fast growth of Collin County lies something not so visible: Homelessness. While it takes place in many forms, in Collin County, it’s families — many whom are women with young children living out of their cars, in motels and at storage lockers.

It is an issue that a recently formed collaborative of non-profits – the Collin County Mobility Collaborative – aims to tackle, and one that the Texas Legends, together with Toyota, are helping to bring awareness to. On Feb. 2nd, the Legends will host the Collin County Mobility Collaborative charity night, shining a light on the team effort to move women and children from homelessness to self-sustaining independence.

“Our team was built on a mission to help those in need,” said Legends President/General Manager Malcolm Farmer. “We are honored to help provide a platform to share this important cause in our community, supporting the effort of this team of non-profits to transform the lives of these women and their children.”

The Collin County Mobility Collaborative came together last year under the Toyota Impact Grant initiative, a joint program by Toyota Motor North America and Toyota Financial Services, and administered in partnership with United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. The grant was created to bring together like-minded partners to tackle mobility issues in North Texas.

“Our aim is to make a lasting difference for these families, empowering these women and improving the lives of their children,” said Janet Collinsworth, on behalf of the collaborative. “By working together, we can have greater impact in the community and affect real change.”

The Legends will suit up in custom jerseys designed to highlight the collaborative, and ambassadors from non-profits will be recognized at center court as “Legends of the Night.”

The Legends will host the Windy City Bulls on Collin County Mobility Collaborative night, with the game tipping off at 7:30 p.m. CT.  Tickets are available by calling 214-469-0822 or on the website at www.TexLegends.com.

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