Legends Announce Partnership with Yellow Rose Consulting

Official Release | February 2, 2021

The Texas Legends have announced a new partnership with Yellow Rose Consulting.

Yellow Rose Consulting was founded February 2020, a month before the world shut down; however, despite the challenges, Kelsey Hogan and her father have continued forward in their pursuit of ADA Compliance, awareness, and inclusion.

As a female-owned business, their company strives to carry on the legacy of Kelsey’s grandmother. Margaret “Peggy” Eugenia Zimmerman-Childs was a tenured educator for more than 25 years at the Texas School for the Deaf and a disabilities rights activist; she raised 4 boys, of whom 3 had hearing or visual disabilities, to succeed by their own merit. Using her grandmother’s vision as a foundation, Yellow Rose Consulting intends to work with companies to integrate alternative methods of communications and better the lives of those with disabilities.

Yellow Rose consulting intends to change the way that businesses think about how they communicate with their clients who need auxiliary aids and how their clients’ access to information from publicly accessible documents might not be compatible. Yellow Rose takes documents from clients and transforms them to be accessible in programs designed for text-to-speech applications, ready to post to their websites. Yellow Rose will complete the work on behalf of the client or provide training classes to educate your team on ADA compliance. The firm will also show you how to ensure that your documents are available for alternate means of communication.

“This partnership was a natural fit for both sides,” said Legends President/General Manager Malcolm Farmer. “Kelsey and her team strive to be a platform for those with disabilities, to aid them, to fight for their rights, and to assist companies who choose to come alongside them in that fight. We are excited to welcome them into the Legends Family.”

The partnership provides Yellow Rose Consulting access to all Legends Owner’s Club events and private networking series, giving Kelsey a platform of her own to tell her story.

“Growing up with the legacy of my grandmother was impowering. I often lagged behind in my math classes due to my dyslexia, which was never diagnosed. I was not offered aids to make my learning easier and as a result, I had to achieve by increasing my attention to detail,” stated Kelsey, President and CEO of the newly formed company. “I always felt like I could overcome anything. I have achieved my current success due to hard work and prevailing against obstacles that most don’t encounter, and now I want to bring awareness to the growing need for alternative methods of communication. Just like my grandmother liked to say, ‘it’s about putting in the extra effort because you are able, don’t let others tell you differently’.”

Yellow Rose has created their ADA friendly website through Fresh Green Freedom, a company who also pursues the ideals of inclusion, auxiliary aids, and tools built into website design to assist those with disabilities. Fresh Green Freedom has elected to provide additional documentation services through Yellow Rose, as a direct partnership.

“As a growing digital agency, we’re proud to offer ADA compliant documentation services to our clients through partnering with Yellow Rose Consulting,” says Ray Liberatore, Founder and Web Designer for Fresh Green Freedom, as well as a partner with the Texas Legends.

For more information on Yellow Rose Consulting visit www.yellowroseconsultingtx.com or connect with Kelsey on LinkedIn (LinkedIn.com/KelseyHogan), or via email at kelsey.yellowroseconsulting@outlook.com. To learn more about partnering with the Legends email info@texlegends.com.