Legends Announce Launch of “Pursuing Excellence” Series

Official Release | April 29, 2019

FRISCO, TX, (Apr. 24, 2019) – In congruence with the 60th edition of the Tour de Profit morning networking, the Texas Legends made an announcement for their business family.  The third Tuesday breakfast event will be re-launched next month with an entirely new format.

“It’s been a pleasure to partner with the Legends to host and grow this event for the past five years,” said Rich Allen, Owner and Founder of Tour de Profit—who received a standing ovation for his effort and service to the organization and its partners at the April breakfast.  “We are excited to launch something new for the team’s 10th anniversary that will continue to support the team’s mission of growing business, supporting the community, and bringing fun in all they do.”

The new series will feature a moderated discussion with a special guest speaker each month.  Typical speakers will include team owners, athletes, executives, and media personalities.  The discussion will give a behind-the scenes perspective on the speaker’s past and present role in sports as well as target business tips from the sports-industry perspective.

“We have been hosting this event for eight years now and have stayed consistent with the format for five of those years,” said Legends President/General Manager Malcolm Farmer.  “We feel like it’s time to evolve, and there’s no better time than the 10-year celebration to do so.

“We’re going into this tenth season and looking to kick everything up a notch, that includes the business side of our franchise.  We’re looking forward to bringing more to our Legends family whether that be in the games, the events we host, or our overall presence in the community.  It’s going to be an exciting year and we’re looking forward to opening the celebration in May.”

The monthly breakfast is part of a “Together We’re More” three-point networking series presented by Choctaw.  The date and time will remain the same and the new series will tip-off May 21st at Comerica Center.  For more information on the Legends family call 214-469-0822 or visit www.TexLegends.com.