Legends Announce Full 2021-22 Season Schedule

Official Release | September 14, 2021

The Legends have announced the long-awaited 2021-22 season schedule.  The 50-game schedule will open on the road but see the Legends returning to the Comerica Center on November 12th for a first-time back-to-back series against the Birmingham Squadron (New Orleans Pelicans affiliate).  The team will play their final game of the regular season at home April 2nd for fan appreciation night against the Austin Spurs.  

The Legends will play 24 home games, 24 road games, and 2 neutral site games as in seasons past; however, this season’s schedule features a new two-part format with a 14-game Showcase Cup and a traditional 36-game regular season.  The Showcase Cup involves 12 games (6 home, 6 away) that will determine qualification for the single-elimination tournament at the G League’s annual Winter Showcase (2 neutral).   

Legends season tickets are available now. For more information call 214-469-0822 or visit www.TexLegends.com.

Following the Showcase Cup, team records will reset, and a traditional 36-game regular season will be played.  Teams will be split into Eastern and Western conferences and will qualify for playoffs based solely on the regular season records.   

The G League now consists of 29 teams and G League Ignite.  Ignite and the Mexico City Capitanes will participate in the Showcase Cup but will only play select exhibition games thereafter.  The League is split into conferences as follows: 

Eastern Conference 

Capital City, College Park, Cleveland, Delaware, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapids, Greensboro, Lakeland, Long Island, Maine, Motor City, Raptors 905, Westchester, Windy City, Wisconsin 

Western Conference 

Agua Caliente, Austin, Birmingham, Iowa, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Rio Grande Valley, Salt Lake City, Santa Cruz, Sioux Falls, South Bay, Stockton, Texas

The Legends will play a total of four games against Eastern Conference teams with a back-to-back on the road in Lakeland and a two-game homestand against Greensboro in the Showcase Cup.  The regular season will feature only Western Conference matchups.  The full schedule breakdown is below

Schedule Breakdown by Opponent: 

Agua Caliente – 2 home, 1 away 

Austin – 3 home, 2 away 

Birmingham – 3 home, 2 away   

Greensboro – 2 home 

Iowa – 1 home, 2 away 

Lakeland – 2 away 

Memphis – 2 home, 3 away

Oklahoma City – 1 home, 2 away 

Rio Grande Valley – 2 home, 3 away 

Salt Lake City – 2 home, 1 away 

Santa Cruz – 2 home, 1 away 

Sioux Falls – 1 home, 2 away 

South Bay – 1 home, 2 away 

Stockton – 2 home, 1 away 

Schedule Breakdown by Month: 

November – 4 home, 4 away 

December – 2 home, 4 away 

January – 5 home, 5 away 

February – 6 home, 3 away 

March – 6 home, 7 away 

April – 1 home, 1 away 

Schedule Breakdown by Day: 

Monday – 2 home, 3 away 

Tuesday – 2 home, 5 away 

Wednesday – 3 home, 2 away 

Thursday – 2 home, 5 away 

Friday – 6 home, 4 away 

Saturday – 9 home, 2 away 

Sunday – 3 away  

The Legends’ longest home stretch is a six-game series spanning January 29th-February 11th.  The team will play nine back-to-back series – five homestands, two on the road, and two split.