Legendary Shot For Charity To Begin This Season

By Kyle Judkins | November 8, 2018

The Texas Legends have announced a new tradition at home games that will create an additional donation opportunity for the charity of the night.

Each night, a local celebrity/influencer is scheduled to appear at the game and take the “Legendary Shot” to win a donation for the charity of the night.  Participants will shoot from the free throw line and the team will consequently make a donation for all made shots to the charity of the night.

Similar to the concept of the “first pitch” in baseball, the Legends wanted to find an additional way to create excitement and fundraising opportunities for the charities.

“We are excited to add this new component to the games,” said Legends President/General Manager Malcolm Farmer.  “We think this will be something the fans will get into and will hopefully build some more buzz around the charity of the night.”

The first “Legendary Shot” will take place at the Legends home opener Friday, November 9th.  The Legends tip off against the Salt Lake City Stars at 7:30pm.  For tickets or information visit www.TexLegends.com or call 214-469-0822.