DJEJ Rocks DFW Sports Scene

By Asher Feltman | December 15, 2016

When Erik Jorgensen graduated from college in San Diego, he wanted to stay in sports. No matter the role, he just wanted to remain involved in the thing he loved so dearly.

“I was playing baseball in college and I really just wanted to keep working with it and keep having a role with sports,” says Jorgensen. “I found the contact information for people with the (San Diego) Padres (of Major League Baseball) and I ended up contacting them at multiple points of the season.”

Don’t ever say persistence doesn’t pay off. It did for Jorgensen. “Finally they were like, ‘Man, we admire your persistence, we’ll find something for you to do.’”

With his foot in the door (something we can all relate to), it was time to show off his talents. “I started doing some camera work, highlights and replays for them. I was also working at a sports bar in San Diego at the same time. I lucked into becoming their Saturday night DJ.”

“A girl I worked with recommended me to become the DJ of the minor league hockey team in San Diego. Low and behold, I ended up moving to Sacramento and DJ’ing for the Minor League Baseball team out there.”

The future “DJEJ” was quickly making a name for himself in the industry and started to seriously carve his own path. Then came the call to Big D.

“One of my good friends was out here producing for the (National Football League’s Dallas) Cowboys and brought me out here to become the Cowboys’ DJ in 2011. Everything happened for a reason.”

He had been the team’s official DJ since he arrived and has since taken on roles all across the metroplex with the Frisco RoughRiders of Minor League Baseball, Texas Christian University athletics, Southern Methodist University, the Texas Revolution indoor football team and,as of 2016, found another place to put down his artistic flag: the Texas Legends.

“I moved out here to Dallas in 2011 for the Cowboys gig. I also was lucky enough to secure a full time job so for the first few months that’s what happened. I actually got a call just a couple months after I moved out and ended up doing the music for the (National Hockey League’s Dallas) Stars in the 2011-2012 season.”

He’s gone from the sports playing world to the disc jockey world to the disc jockey sports world, which lines up beautifully with the goals he set for himself just a few years ago.

“I think I’ve found a pretty good niche that I can be very successful in working with sports teams. I work with so many teams around the metroplex that I don’t really have time for a club gig. I’d rather entertain a crowd of 4,000 or 10,000 or at the Cowboy games 100,000 and make that my primary focus.”

He moved to Dallas for the Cowboys, but has since branched out more than most people dream of. All around the cities that make up North Texas, you can hear beats being dropped by the well known DJ.

“Everything kind of just took off (after the Cowboys),” Jorgensen recalls. “The next year I started working with SMU and the Americans. Then TCU came around, the Frisco RoughRiders, Texas Revolution. It all started with the Cowboys.”

DJEJ feeds off of…well, his own self. Playing at so many different venues helps him become a better artist, knowing what the people want, when and where they want it.

“Having the opportunity to get so much experience with all the teams ultimately makes me better in my job with all the teams I work with.”

So how did he become the official music man of the Texas Legends?

“I was working at the Omni Hotel doing marketing for their sports bar and (Legends Owner) Donnie Nelson came in and I was talking to him. He was familiar with me and wanted to talk about me coming out with the Legends.”

“It was more of a chance encounter that led to discussions. He brought me out to a game last year and I had a lot of fun. He said, ‘just pay attention to everything and see what you’d like to do.’

“It mostly came from Donnie and then he introduced me to Malcolm (Farmer, President & General Manager of the Legends) and Kyle (Judkins, Vice President of Digital Media & Broadcast Production).”

You know what they say about your job. “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life.” Jorgensen hasn’t worked in quite a while then, because he is truly passionate to the bones about playing music for people at these big time events.

“There’s really no feeling better than choosing a song during a given moment that everyone in that stadium or arena is focused on that elicits a reaction, whether it be standing up and cheering or yelling or screaming or clapping their hands, stomping their feet or even laughing.”

“Obviously working with the Cowboys in one of the biggest venues in sports, there’s a lot of opportunities to utilize what I have prepared with my music library to help influence a game by helping create a loud environment, a home field advantage.”

At Cowboys games, he wears a personalized jersey with the number 7 and “DJEJ” in the name slot. His baseball number in high school and college, he’s carried it with him to the next level.

“I really just love to entertain fans and be very creative with my music choices that actually pertain to the game that’s going on,” the sports and music fan tells me. “In basketball, for example, there’s a lot of opportunities to play some quick music hits after a kick ball or a blocked shot or a dunk or a jump ball. Football has it’s own situational elements. Baseball, hockey, same thing.

“I just really like being able to see fans react to the song choice that I made and to know that it’s a good choice. I really, really love being able to be creative in creating a soundtrack for that event that people are investing in and coming for fun, family entertainment that actually gives them something else to find enjoyment in.”

You can find more info on Erik “DJEJ” Jorgensen at djej.org, on Twitter @ItsDJEJ and hear him live at every Texas Legends home game.

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