Membership has BIG Benefits

If you’re getting this Net Worth Tip of the Month, you’re among a very special group of business professionals.  We all know that simply being associated with the Texas Legends has HUGE benefits. One of the benefits is the ability to hang with cool people on a regular basis.  Another is the regular, non-basketball events we are invited to attend.  Perhaps the biggest of benefits are the business connections and business relationships we have all developed through the Texas Legends network.

I was talking with Malcolm recently and I asked him if we could take it to another level and give everyone a $1000 benefit!  Of course, Malcolm said YES!

Slam Dunk Tip

Serious Business Owners Invest in Their Personal Learning and Growing!

We all know that businesses that aren’t growing are dying. We know that if you want to EARN more you have to LEARN more. We know that high-performing businesses IGNITE and ENGAGE the power of their team. These truths are why I am launching an EXCITING new program – The ULTIMATE Business Tune Up MASTERCLASS! This 2-Day Intensive, Intimate workshop is designed to equip business owners with the tools and strategies to SUPER-CHARGE their team engagement and powerfully grow their business. And with the endorsement of Malcolm and the Texas Legends, we are offering YOU a $1000 Tuition Rebate – just because you’re part of the Texas Legends family!

My Challenge to You

Take a few minutes to watch this quick video I recorded recently to give you more details on this exciting new program: http://bit.ly/MasterClassInvitation

I’ve attached a PDF that will give you more details including the Ultimate Business Tune Up MasterClass content overview, logistics and investment.

If you have specific questions, simply ask!  You can call me at 214-697-6178 or connect by email:  rich@tourdeprofit.com  If the time is right for you to TRANSFORM your business, then step up, join in and take advantage of the $1000 rebate compliments of the Texas Legends!

– Rich Allen

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