Team Engagement is CRITICAL!

We’re in the middle of an extended economic growth period. Business growth continues to be strong and we are at full employment. Everyone who wants to work is working and jobs are more plentiful now than in any time in the recent past.

So why does that matter to you as a business owner? Because everyone on your team could leave today and find a new job tomorrow! “That won’t happen to me” you say – but here are some scary statistics from a recent employee engagement survey:

51% of workers are looking to leave their current job.
70% of US workers are not fully engaged while at work.
75% of people who voluntarily quit don’t quit their jobs, they quit their boss.
60% of employees say they would like to be praised more often for their work.

Slam Dunk Tip

Team Engagement is the single biggest issue facing businesses today!

In order for businesses to be successful in today’s marketplace, they must be able to attract, hire and retain the best talent! Many job seekers are looking for companies and businesses who place a high value on Team Engagement.

If you want to be among those businesses that succeed and grow, you must employ creative ways to get your team members involved in the business, involved with each other, and involved in the community. 

My Challenge to You

Take time to do an honest self-audit. Here are a few questions to get you started: How engaged are your team members in your critical business strategies? Are they involved in making your business better? Do you know them personally? Do you know the issues and challenges they are facing outside of the workplace? Do you take time to have meaningful conversations with them on a regular basis? Are your team members friends outside of work?

Don’t assume that paying a competitive wage and a solid benefits program will protect you in this economy. While these are important, they are not what is MOST important. Demonstrating that your team members truly MATTER and connecting with them on a PERSONAL and EMOTIONAL level is what is required. 

– Rich Allen

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