What if…You Focused on Your Upper Limit Challenge?

This month I want to present you with a “What If” question.  It’s probably the most impactful what if question you should be asking yourself right now.

What if I focused my time and attention on my upper limit challenge rather than spending time fussing, worrying and complaining about  the lowest performing member of my team?

If you’re like most people (whether in business or life in general), and you are honest about it, you spend far more time finding fault with things around you (people, processes, rules, decisions, etc.) than you do thinking, strategizing and working on ways that you could get better at what YOU do!  Am I right?  Be honest with me!

Slam Dunk Tip

Focus Your Time, Effort and Energy on YOUR Upper Limit Challenge!

You may be asking, just what is an upper limit challenge.  Fair question.  The answer is, it is different for each of us.  But an upper limit challenge may be one of the following:

  • What would it take to double the size of your business this next year?
  • What keeps you from being the top salesperson on your team by a wide margin?
  • What would need to change for you to be the best boss on the planet?
  • What would it take to create an unbelievable WOW customer experience?
  • Why are you waiting to make a larger impact on the social injustice that matters most to you?

My Challenge to You

            It’s time to stop looking at others and making excuses.  It’s time to start looking inward and asking the tough questions about what is holding you back!

This time of year is the perfect time to sit quietly and be thankful for all we’ve been given.  We all have much to be thankful for.  And, we’ve all been given the skills, talents and abilities to do far more than we are doing – to make a bigger impact, to play a bigger role.

Take time to reflect, dig deep, ask tough questions and find your Upper Limit Challenge.  Your life will be changed for the better!

– Rich Allen

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