Focus, Limit and Double-Down

Most of us are negatively impacting our success by spending way too much time doing things that are not our “core talents”. The day to day activities of business and life are distracting us and sucking away our precious time and energy.

But this doesn’t have to be our reality. We can break out of our current limitations if we follow a simple model – a model that will guide us to the right answer.

Here’s a model that will help you change what to focus on and how to spend your time. This model is a simple Venn Diagram. It’s powerful and centering.

Slam Dunk Tip

List every activity that you spend time on daily or weekly. Then simply follow this logic: If the activity…

1) has High Value and you Love it but don’t have the Skills, it’s a bottleneck – delegate it.
2) has High Value and you have the Skills, but you don’t Love it, find your replacement.
3) Is something you Love and you have the Skills, but is not High Value, then mentor others to do it.

Then DOUBLE-DOWN on the activity that meets all 3 criteria ONLY!

My Challenge to You

Stop doing everything in your business – even if you think that is what is necessary or required. Limit your personal effort to ONLY those things (1 or 2 max) that are in the center of your Venn Diagram. By narrowing your focus, you will multiply your results!

– Rich Allen

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