Is It Time for You to Scale Up?

One of the biggest threats to our success as business professionals is to settle into our Comfort Zone.  We’re all guilty of it – we get good at what we do, we like the routine and consistency, we can do our “thing” with our eyes closed.  Is that where you are right now?

I know I was – until my coach slapped me on the head and called me out on it!  That happened a few months ago, and ever since, I’ve been ON FIRE with enthusiasm, fear and anxiety – a real adrenaline rush!

I’m taking my game to a higher level.  I’m focused on impacting 100X more business owners over these next few years.  I’m doing things I NEVER thought I would do.  And I’m having more FUN than I ever thought I would have!  How about you?

Slam Dunk Tip

If you aren’t doing something that scares you to death, you’re in your COMFORT ZONE!  That’s not where winners hang out.  That’s not where you learn and grow.  That’s not where you do your best work.

What would your life be like if you could 10X or 20X or 50X your impact, your income, your excitement?  What would it take for you to step out of your current daily routine and begin to make that happen?  I’ll tell you – it would be LIFE-CHANGING!

My Challenge to You

What are YOU waiting for?  What’s holding YOU back?  What fears do YOU have to overcome?  What help do YOU need?

If you’re tired of waiting and wasting time, then find someone who can help you and get started!  I can tell you first-hand, it’s a rush, a thrill, a scare and worth every moment!

BTW, I’ve just started a new coaching program called The Breakaway Group.  It’s for business owners who want to leave the pack behind.  I just started accepting new clients into the group and if you’d like to schedule time to talk and see if it might be a fit for you, just drop me an email or text me on 214-697-6178.

I’m Scaling Up and having the time of my life! Come on, Join me!

– Rich Allen

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