June 2018 – NetWorth Tip of the Month

Communicate for Results

Have you ever been in a meeting where 5 minutes into the presentation you’re already bored to death and 20 minutes later you still don’t know what you are to do, know or learn? Unfortunately, it happens all too often. In fact, YOU may have been the guilty party – doing just that to someone or some group you’re speaking to!

It is likely because the presenter has no clue how a great presentation is to be built. So they’re just pulling together some hard-to-read powerpoint slides and “winging it”.

But I’d like to share an inside tip into some of the BEST storytellers in business – Steve Jobs, Joel Osteen, and many of the most watched TED talk presenters.

Slam Dunk Tip

It all starts by knowing and understanding the idea of a Story Braid.

The Story Braid is the structure of a talk or presentation that delivers huge results – and gets your audience to TAKE ACTION. Here’s how it is structured:


It’s actually pretty simple yet very powerful. Spend the first 15% of you’re time telling an emotional story. Then spend 10% of your time sharing the basic logic of your topic. Next spend 50% of your time giving your audience 3 concrete things they can do right now, and close by spending 25% of your time with a clear Call-to-Action followed by your BEST emotional story.

My Challenge to You

The next time you have the opportunity to speak to a group of people – your clients, your prospects, your team members, anyone – think through your presentation to make sure you’re creating a solid story braid.

It’s not difficult, but it does take some practice. But like anything, if you practice hard and often enough, you can get really good at it – and your results will improve DRASTICALLY!

Unless of course, you simply want to bore the life out of your audience and have none of them take action on what you are sharing with them.

    – Rich Allen