July 2018 – Networth Tip of the Month

Hire Like a Pro

We are blessed to be doing business in the hottest market in the country. We are the envy of many who live in other states. But with this blessing comes a serious challenge – how can we attract, find and keep the kind of talent we need to run and grow our businesses?

Now is NOT the time to lower your standards when it comes to hiring! In fact, I would argue it is the time to step up our game when it comes to our hiring practices. And don’t fall for the old adage “Hire Slow, Fire Fast”. It is not a recipe for success!

Slam Dunk Tip

The NEW adage for hiring should be “Hire for Behaviors, Involve Your Team in the Process and Set the Bar HIGH for the First 90 Days!”

If you want to hire the best talent today you’ve got to be “on your game”. You must be ready to respond quickly to job candidates, but responding quick does not mean making it EASY to get on your team!

Focus your efforts first on the candidate’s BEHAVIORS – not their skills. You can teach and train skills but it is difficult if not impossible to change someone’s behaviors.
Build your hiring process to involve as many current team members as possible in the selection process. The more involved they are, the more they will help the new person integrate and become successful in their role.

Be clear with new team members that their first 90 days is critical. SET THE BAR HIGH! Expect and demand that they show their best efforts for 90 days – and when they do, they will have created a habit of excellence that will continue for years to come.

My Challenge to You

Don’t rely on your past methods of hiring in today’s marketplace. It’s time to change and improve in this area.

I am passionate about this topic. Too many business owners struggle to find great team members. So I created a new business to assist Business Owners through the Hiring Process. You can find out more at www.fitfirsthiring.com. If you’re growing, check it out!

– Rich Allen

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