The Best Investment You Can Make in 2019

It’s a new year and the stock market has just come off a year of extreme volatility.  There’s uncertainty in the market and in the economy.  So where is the best place to make your investment going into 2019?

I got the answer this morning as I listened to Darren Daily, the daily 6-minute inspirational tip from Darren Hardy.  (If you aren’t following Darren every day, you’re missing out on some great personal improvement advice.)

The best investment you can make in 2019 is in YOURSELF!

Slam Dunk Tip

Just as you set aside 10% of your earnings for your tithe or your gifts to those in need, you should set aside a SECOND 10% of your earnings for investment in your own personal development!

Statistics show that the RETURN from this kind of investment is in the range of $30 in benefit from each $1 invested!  I can’t think of a better ROI from any investment I have ever made – not Apple, Google, Amazon, redesigning my website, doing google ad words or even Bitcoin!

My Challenge to You

            It’s time to stop looking at others and making excuses.  It’s time to start looking inward and asking the tough questions about what is holding you back!

What are you waiting for?  Have you set aside the budget to make this kind of investment in your personal development?

It’s not enough to grow using just the “free” stuff you have access to – like this monthly Net Worth Tip, or other blog posts, or podcasts or free downloads.  Truth is you don’t really do much with things that you get for free.  Because you made no investment, you don’t make the commitment to work it hard!

If you truly want to extend your reach, grow your business, make a bigger impact, have more influence, sell more, earn more, be more, then you need to INVEST in your personal development – to the tune of at least 10% of your current earnings.

I promise you, it will be the BEST INVESTMENT you could ever make in 2019!

– Rich Allen

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