Take Time to Think

I recently took a 10-day vacation to Minnesota with my wife, Drew. It’s a special place for us and we have many friends in the Stillwater, MN area. Each morning we would get up, have a European breakfast on the patio and spend 2-3 hours enjoying the view of the St. Croix river.My wife challenged me to use that time to put away my electronics, take a pen and pad of paper, sit under the trees and just THINK! The first hour was very hard! I didn’t enjoy it at all and I really didn’t do anything worthwhile. But then I began thinking about my business and writing notes on every thought that came to mind. By the time we left our vacation, I had several pages of powerful notes AND I discovered a very slight change I needed to make in my business to unlock the vault of success!

Slam Dunk Tip

Find the time to step away from your everyday madness to simply reflect and think!

If you’re like most business owners, you are constantly bombarded with activity, stimulation and pressing issues. You rarely, if ever, force yourself to slow down and take time to clear your mind, reflect, wonder, dream and explore new possibilities. You don’t give yourself the space and time you need to have fresh, new thoughts. You rush from one pressing issue to another. But if you hope to be truly successful and fulfilled, then you MUST make the time, on a regular basis, to find a quiet place, somewhere that inspires you, so you can slow down, be alone and THINK!

My Challenge to You

Make a commitment to block time on your calendar within the next 60 days to get away for at least 1 full day! No other commitments. No other distractions. No obligations or busy guilt-trips. Go somewhere you consider to be a peaceful place – it may be a lake, a ranch, a mountain or a river – somewhere in nature – and take with you only a pen and pad of paper. Clear your mind, and just THINK! It will change the trajectory of your life and your business!

– Rich Allen

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