Legends games are extremely kid-friendly, after all, that’s who they’re for!  We aim to instill a love of basketball at a young age by having activities for all ages at the games.  They can burn off some of that energy running between the kids’ zones from hula hoop to giant slide and back.  The best news is, the kids activities are visible from nearly all of the arena, so you can send your little firecrackers to play while you relax and enjoy the game!  Check out the list of activities your kids can enjoy during all Legends home games:

Kid-Friendly Concessions – Have an “I only eat mac & cheese or peanut butter sandwiches” in your family?  We have options!

Southern Star Entertainment Zone – Filled with a variety of inflatables and rides, kids can play all game long FOR FREE!  We’ve had a rock wall, mechanical bull, and a mini ice rink, so you never know what kind of fun you can get into at the Southern Star Zone!

Perfect Smiles Kids’ Zone – The Perfect Smiles Kids’ Zone is home to the world-famous Generous George!  With everything from trampolines to hula hoops, poster making stations, and giveaway goodies, the Perfect Smiles Zone keeps kids active and entertained all four quarters!

Post-Game Autographs – Be sure to stay through the final buzzer for the last win of the night!  After the game, all fans are invited out onto the court to take pictures and get autographs from their favorite players.  Get a selfie with the future stars of the NBA now!

Tech Sideline – A combination of STEM education and basketball fun, technology sideline will teach your young ones the science of basketball while they have a good time comparing their measurements with NBA players, competing in video games, and trying out the latest virtual reality simulator.  Located on the concourse, tech sideline makes it easier to grab a bite/drink while the littles are entertained.

Gaming Central – Everybody knows a gamer.  Almost everybody has one in their household.  You know the ones, they’d rather play Fortnite than eat or sleep.  We’ve got something for them too!  The state-of-the-art gaming central gives gamers their own hangout on the concourse.  Get your gamer to show their face to the outside world by bringing them to Gaming Central at the Legends games.

Constant Entertainment – Like basketball but maybe don’t have the longest attention span?  Legends games are the place for you!  Music plays throughout the game so you’re warmed up for the Dance Cam, and there’s a different contest/promotion at every break in action!