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With something for everyone, Legends games are a great atmosphere for the whole family!  Bring everybody out for a little “mandatory fun” without breaking the bank!

The Socialite – Legends games are the place to be!  Every game is a chance to take friends or family for a night out and meet new friends from the area.  The Owner’s Club Lounge provides a private VIP experience but with every corner of the arena filled with activities, there is no end to the opportunities to play host or make new acquaintances.

The Sports Fan – Knows every stat for every NBA player ever.  Here’s their chance to get a glimpse of the future stars before they get their NBA Call-Up.  With more than 50% of current NBA players having spent time in the G League, they’re bound to recognize some former or future stars on the court.

The Energetic Littles – See “LEGENDS GAMES ARE GREAT FOR KIDS”…but really…have we told you Legends games are great for kids?  The energetic littles will undoubtedly wear themselves out running from end zone to end zone for a game of volleyball after they’ve made their rounds in the inflatables.  Put them in matching bright shirts—the kids zones are visible from most seats in the arena!  Let them wear themselves out while you kick back, relax, and enjoy the game.

The “Too Cool” Teens – Have your kids “aged out” of the kids’ zones?  We’ve got new solutions for them as well!  From a state-of-the-art gaming zone to an all-new Concourse, they’ll find some form of technology to hold their attention.  The Owner’s Club Lounge also has an all-you-can-eat buffet, which should be a relief for those with growing teens!  Not an Owner’s Club member?  Check out our discounted concession rates…

The “I promise I’m turning my phone off after this call” Workaholic – With the Owner’s Club, Legends family members are networking year-round getting ready for the season.  Visit the Owner’s Club Lounge to network with other business owners or meet sponsors/premium seat holders on the court level.  There’s always an introduction to be made within the Legends Family!

The Not-A-Fan –Not a sports fan?  That’s ok.  We’re a three-ring circus that happens to have a basketball game in the middle.  Wander around the concourse to entertain yourself with games, STEM, and prizes.  Over 18?  Go sign up to win a car!