Besides finding your inner child on the inflatables, what else is there for adults at a Legends game?

Dollar Beer Night.  Pretty self-explanatory but every Wednesday night game you get a cheap mid-week outing.  Lost a bet and have to buy somebody drinks?  Bring your friends/coworkers on a Wednesday night and treat them to drinks AND a game.  Now they owe you.

Professional Basketball…but local.  See elite basketball in your backyard without breaking the bank.  G League players are often former or future NBA stars trying to get there or get back.  Every game is intensely competitive as our guys are always on display for the big teams to call.  You’ll see recognizable faces and catch the future before they get big.  All in an intimate arena with conveniences like the location and parking.

Wait, you can win WHAT?  Yeah, we give away a car.  No strings attached.  Well, currently it’s hanging over the court so there are very thick chains attached.  But one lucky winner each game will get a key and then one of 24 finalists at the end of the season gets a brand new car to take home.  You never win anything?  Neither did last year’s fan (direct quote from her) before she won a 2019 GMC Terrain!  On top of that, in celebration of our 10th season, we’ll have a variety of other BIG wins!  Keep up with our special offers to find out what else you can sign up for!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. There’s ALWAYS a coupon or promo of some sorts at a Legends game.  Lucky rows, lucky sections, lucky trivia winners, or just lucky fans of the winning team!  If the team hits the mark, you literally get a free chicken dinner!

Networking without the stuffiness.  Come out and meet other local businessmen and women in the Legends Family.  With our year-round events, we’ve built a strong network of serious professionals who like to do business within the Legends circle and like to have fun in the meantime!

It’s an affordable way to get out of the house.  Whether you take friends or meet some there, the games are local/easy to get to, generally cheaper than other nights out, and there’s a little something for everyone.